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Welcome to the web!
When EES does tech, it’s usually with a big new machine in the workshop that has lots of clever functions, buttons and switches, all singing, all dancing, could probably bake you a cake if you asked it to!
With that in mind, we’re pretty excited to announce that we have our website now online, but then you already knew that, you are here now. This is the What’s Hot section of the site where we plan to share with you the different things we’ve got going on and what’s keeping us busy. Make sure to keep an eye out for interesting commissions, new kit and some cool unusual projects that keeps a small business like us going.

We’re hoping that the website will also make it easier for you to get in touch with us. Mobile phone reception here in rural Wales can make phone calls difficult at times, especially when you’re working on site. But now with our website you have a few additional ways of contacting us. We have an online quotation form and email to ask questions. We check our emails and quotes every day, so be assured we will get back to you as soon as we can with answers and prices.

We’ve also added a gallery where you can see some examples both of past work and products that are currently in production. Feel free to browse through and see if you get some inspiration for something you are planning to do.

The thing we’re the most excited to bring to you is our online shop. You can specify your search depending on if you’re looking for agricultural products or something for your home or garden. Some items are customisable by selecting different size and colour options and we’ve made checkout as streamlined as possible for you to keep it simple. We’ll be continuously updating the shop with new products from our cnc plasma cutter and as time allows, with our own tools and machinery all designed and built in-house. We’ve already had orders coming in and products being shipped across the country. The magical world wide web is working well!

So please get in touch with us with any questions you may have. We’d like to send out a big shout out in thanks to Howard Adair for all his great graphic design work, and designing, hosting and help in running the site. You can check him out here if you find yourself needing design, web or marketing assistance. He comes highly recommended!

Welcome to the family,
Emyr, Gemma and the boys

Why not contact EES for a quote on your next project? You might be pleasently surprised to find we make great solutions that function well, look fantastic and fit within your budget.

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