Quad Bike Tray Partition


Aluminium brackets to bolt onto your current setup with removable, moisture resistant ply partition.

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This quad bike tray partition is what you need if you’re fed up of items rolling off the back of your quad as you’re making your way around the farm.  The moisture resistant ply partition has two handles and a smooth top edge for easy handling and longevity.  Provided with two aluminium brackets to bolt on, the partition will then easily lift in and out of place to allow you to carry a variety of loads.

Please let us know the length of partition required in the ORDER NOTES  at checkout and include your contact information.

This item is for a stand alone partition to add to your existing tray and highback.
Trays with optional highback and partition can be ordered as a single item by selecting the correct model bike tray from our shop and using the drop down menu.

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