Emyr and Gemma sitting together smiling

New Chapter

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We’re all in… work time, family time, play time…

Emyr and Gemma sitting together smiling
Joshua and Freddie on the grass along side a metal dinosaur sculpture they helped to make.

Good evening! As we draw to the end of the summer, and the school holidays (phew) we’re starting to look towards winter and making a few changes around the workshop.

Thanks to our wonderful customers we’ve been able to purchase some new machinery in the last few months and are in the process of upgrading the workshop which should make it much nicer to work in through the colder months.

We’ve taken a big step personally, Gemma has taken a step back from her usual day job and can now be found more often manning the phones, processing orders, updating the website and generally pitching in around the yard. The kids are, of course, thrilled to have her around more for school runs and us grown-ups are hoping it will help ease the pressure of running a business from home!

It is because of your support and orders that we’ve been able to do this, so as a thank you we’re discounting our most popular item – Sheep Markers! Throughout September you can claim 10% discount using the coupon code SHEEP10 at checkout.

Recently we’ve been busy developing and testing new products so make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page and the online shop for our new additions.

Why not contact EES for a quote on your next project? You might be pleasantly surprised to find we make great solutions that function well, look fantastic and fit within your budget.

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